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The 6-Figure Online Paralegal Business Blueprint


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Jack Ray Walker's Paralegal Master Mind Program is the most effective, science-backed and comprehensive paralegal,  personal and professional development program in the world.

About Your Trainer

Jack Ray Walker is one of the worlds most creative thought leaders in in his field. He was one of the first paralegals in Texas to join the State Bar of Texas-Paralegal Division and to establish a store front business. 

 He created a six-figure per year business in a small town with a population of only 6000 people. He had only one secretary. All of this was produced without the internet and online marketing automation to rely on.

Just imagine what can be done today with online marketing strategies. 


You Can Legally Hack My Online Sales Funnels & Strategies and 10X your business.

No need to create your own online marketing system. Jack will share his complete system of online software he uses and automation marketing strategies



Having completed over 30 years as a paralegal business owner Jack has the unique and highly-valued experience and strategies that will dramatically change your life and advance your paralegal business with coaching bonus regarding your mindset, health , career, and business relationships. 



A free and exclusive Private Facebook Master Mind Group Community of liked minded entrepreneurs to support each other in developing the  their paralegal businesses.

You will never be left alone to find all the answers for yourself.

You may be asking your self what is a mastermind group.   

Mastermind is a universal law that states wherever two or three people are gathered together for a common purpose a third mastermind is accessed to create exponential growth within that gathering.

People around the world have different names for this Master Mind.

Being a member of this group will create exponential growth for your paralegal business. 

OUR mastermind group in combination with my over 30 years of paralegal entrepreneurial experience assures our combined success.

We will do all we can to make your experience exciting and challenging for you to grow and learn proven business and online best practices. 

In this program, Jack teaches you:

Module 1          What Is an Independent Paralegal
Module  2         Why Become an Independent Paralegal
Module  3          How to Form & Operate Your Business

I AM anticipating a substantial price increase in the very near future. So please take advantage of this introductory offer. It will not last long.

I look forward to working with you. See you on the inside.

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